Real Estate Law Is Complicated

Most people have been involved in a real estate transaction of some sort but may not realize how intricate and complicated real estate law can be. From chains of title and foreclosures to boundary disputes, easements and contracts to purchase: much of real estate law still relies on very old principles that date back centuries. This aspect makes real estate law very complicated and technical.

Hiring An Attorney Can Help

In many transactions, it may not be obvious that an attorney is involved. A home purchase, for example, when parties are primarily working with a real estate agent and a title company, always has an attorney working behind the scenes. It is important to note that the attorney is not representing either party. To ensure that your own interests are legally protected, consultation with a knowledgeable attorney is always recommended.

Anyone trying to manage a real estate transaction without a good attorney is working at a disadvantage. Further, each state has different nuances and twists on how real estate laws are written or applied. So many people try to handle real estate issues on their own relying on internet templates or forms. Because of the intricacies of real estate law, the absence of a key phrase or overlooking a flaw in a legal description can have far-reaching and long-term consequences.

For those looking for a Cincinnati real estate attorney well-versed in real estate technical cases that are complex, worth significant investments and in need of experienced representation, then considering attorneys at Rollman, Handorf & Conyers, LLC, is a critical step from both a business and operational perspective. Call 513-300-4882 or send us an email for more information.

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