Modification And Enforcement Of Orders

When circumstances change or someone doesn't follow through with a court ordered obligation, the seasoned attorneys at Rollman, Handorf & Conyers, LLC, can work with you to find a solution.

In family law, even the most carefully drafted order may need modification as circumstances change. Sometimes as people move on and lives change, a plan that worked before just doesn't work anymore. Or perhaps the order never worked at all, despite best efforts to make it work.

Kids get older, parties marry or remarry, people retire or even move away — all require some modification to existing orders so that the changes can be appropriately addressed. Whether you need to modify or enforce a custody order or a divorce decree, our firm can help.

Enforcement Vs. Modification

Frequent issues that come up after orders are entered include enforcement of orders and post-decree modifications of orders. Some common areas requiring enforcement or modification includes child support, spousal support, custody and shared parenting plans. With enforcement, filing a motion for contempt is usually the last step in efforts to gain compliance, but the remedy exists and is a powerful tool.

In modifications, our lawyers can work with clients to determine whether negotiation, mediation or a motion is appropriate. Modifying an order does not mean that the parties have failed or that the order wasn't any good — things change and an order should reflect that change.

We always work to draft clear, concise and thoughtful orders, but there is no way to draft an order that perfectly predicts the future. We encourage clients to include some type of conflict resolution process in their agreements so that if a conflict arises, they know how it will be handled.

For more information on whether enforcement or modification is appropriate, call us at 513-300-4882. You may also reach us by email through our online form. Schedule your initial consultation in our Mason, Ohio, office today.

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