With The Right Law Firm, Divorce Can Be Simplified

With the assistance of the experienced lawyers at Rollman, Handorf & Conyers, LLC, the divorce process doesn't need to be a headache. Of course there will be emotional and financial stresses, but the process itself can be minimally stressful when you have the backing of skilled legal counsel.

Understanding Divorce In Ohio

When we first meet with divorce clients, we start by explaining the process. Much of our discussion is spent clearing up any misconceptions, answering questions and outlining possible strategies. We handle complex divorces (also called a dissolution) and we also handle more straightforward cases.

In Ohio, divorce requires grounds to file, but we are a "no-fault" state. This means that there does not have to be a reason for someone to proceed with a divorce. The process begins with a complaint and concludes with the entry of a decree of divorce. This decree includes all the provisions for custody, parenting time, assets, liabilities, child support and spousal support among other issues.

Most Cases Are Settled Out Of Court

The great majority of cases are resolved outside of court through mediation or a settlement negotiation. Most attorneys are going to communicate and work toward resolutions that are mutually acceptable to clients. If not, then some or all of the issues will proceed to trial. There is a common misperception that a trial must be on all issues. Lawyers will usually attempt to narrow the issues tried whenever possible. We usually work to avoid trial in order to minimize uncertainty and cost to the client.

Even after a divorce is finalized, there may be a need for enforcement or post-decree modification. We can help you as your family's circumstances evolve.

We offer initial consultations. Email us or call our office in Mason at 513-300-4882 to set up a meeting.

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