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At Rollman, Handorf & Conyers, LLC, our lawyers are adept at dealing with difficult custody and shared parenting issues. Creativity is key to finding solutions for families in transition. There isn't one right answer in custody proceedings. We work with our clients to gain insight into what makes sense for their circumstances. We can then implement an individualized strategy.

Custody And Shared Parenting In Ohio

Custody and parenting time disputes may arise as part of a divorce or through a paternity/custody proceeding for unmarried parents. Regardless of the marital status of the parents, the issues are generally the same.

In Ohio, when we discuss custody and shared parenting, we are often addressing what is referred to as the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities. The time spent with the child may be referred to as custody or visitation.

Shared parenting means that parental responsibility is shared and the ability to make certain important decisions such as school, medical decisions and educational decisions are made together. Shared parenting is when parents work together to make decisions that are in the best interests of the child.

Custody refers to one parent having the ability to make these decisions, also based on what is the best interests of the child. In general, the cases are trending toward equal time with each parent and shared parenting. There are certain circumstances in which equal time is not appropriate or in the best interests of the child.

How An Attorney Can Help Now — And In The Future

A skilled family law attorney can help clients in a number of important ways. It may be that right now you generally agree on things with the other parent. But as things change — such as kids getting older and spouses starting new relationships — matters can get complicated.

Anticipating some of this potential for conflict before it happens is one of the major benefits of hiring an attorney. We see this conflict happen and we can help you work through ways to allow your agreement to evolve with you or ways to address future conflict, should it arise. We can also help you draft agreements that seek to minimize future conflict.

If you already have an agreement and need an update, we are happy to counsel you through post-decree issues such as modification or enforcement.

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